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Westcore Energy Ltd. is a Saskatchewan based oil and gas exploration and development company focused on the development of its Success Formation heavy oil fields located in west-central Saskatchewan. Westcore has 100% working interest in approximately 9,000 acres of highly prospective Success Formation land with Westcore drilled wells in production.

Focused On The Profitability of Success Formation Oil Assets in Canada and Leverage To Higher Oil Prices

Success heavy oil assets have a shallow decline rate relative to light tight oil and horizontal fracked shale wells - cumulatively producing more oil over several years beyond initial years to provide long term cash flow.

Profitability driver is the low, up front, initial capital costs to drill wells – conventional, heavy oil wells cost up to 1/3 less than shale wells to drill and complete.

Lifting costs initially decline with economies of scale until production grows beyond the initial minimum crew and transportation logistics, thereafter becoming relatively fixed regardless of the price of oil.

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