Westcore Energy has 100% interest in 34 net sections of land in two oilfields located in west central Saskatchewan. The Flaxcombe Field and the Riverside projects are both focused on low cost production of heavy oil within the Success Formation.

Success Foundation/Proven Production

Saskatchewan Success Formation

  • The Success formation is a Jura-Cretaceous age Sandstone.
  • The Success formation is a highly favorable reservoir for conventional heavy crude production.
  • Shallow wells (800-900m TVD) producing heavy crude with 12-15° API gravity.
  • The Flaxcombe and area Success formation has produced 3.0 MMbbls of heavy crude
  • Advancements in drilling and completions techniques make horizontal development highly economic.

10-13 well at Flaxcombe

  • 100% Westcore
  • Initiated production spring 2017

Flaxcombe/Producing Wells

  • 8 sections of heavy oil land (5 net)
  • Current production averaging ~170 barrels/day
  • Acquired 3D seismic to further delineate locations for horizontal development
  • Potential stacked pay in certain locations with favorable reservoir in the Viking
  • Technical teams have significant Success Formation experience

Riverside/Success Formation

  • 29 sections
  • Current oil production ~30 barrels/day
  • 10 km2 3D seismic
  • 1 active production well
  • Water disposal facility
  • Success Formation production on adjacent sections
  • Technical teams have significant Success Formation experience


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